Easy Solution is not a Retailer, we develop and sell software, some of our programs required special equipment that is hard to find and expensive for our customers, so we help our customers in providing such equipment at a very competitive and affordable cost.

Easy Solution aims to help companies and start-up-business to manage more efficiently and more cost effective by involving new technologies into their success stories, Easy Solution likes to share its experience with customers, we started to develop standard all purpose software for common industries on high International and Local Standards to make our customer’s life easier and our solutions more affordable keeping the customization part less painful for our customer, below you may find some of our Flexible Solutions.

Easy Solution Retailer Point of Sales

Easy Solution Retailer POS provides point of sale systems and Inventory Systems for a wide array of businesses. From retail pos software to wholesale point of sales systems we offer a great product that is easy to use and very user friendly. For more information on our point of sales systems and other pos software that we provide please feel free to Contact Us. Easy Solution Retailer POS and Inventory Management Software offer a rich collection of features that are totally unique from other systems. In 2 years of development, we have worked with many types of businesses to discover their inventory management wants and needs and have built these into the software.

Easy Solution Restaurant Point of Sales

Easy Solution Restaurant POS offers you a complete management solution for your restaurant, bar or nightclub. The software ensures maximum control and profitability within your business. Easy Solution is proud in delivering extremely user-friendly software, touch screens and orders processing capabilities, integrated into a high-speed transaction processing for excellent customer service and our real time integration connectivity gives you instant access to all information.

Easy Solution Tourism Transportation System

Easy Solution Tourism TS offers you a complete management solution for your Transportation Company dedicated for the tourism industry. The software ensures maximum control over Vehicles and Drivers Reservation, integrated with a fully featured accounting system specially designed to suit the industry. Easy Solution Tourism TS offer a rich collection of features that are totally unique from other systems which effectively reduces training time and increases workflow smoothness and accuracy noticeable at High Seasons mess.

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